Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Inspiration: Mercedes

Our first full day in Germany wasn't so "hot"- it was cool and rainy so Dad, Andrew and I headed to the Mercedes Museum for six hours. Yes, you heard me correctly. S-I-X H-O-U-R-S of automobile and world history, famous vehicles and insanely cool museum layouts :)

Sorry I didn't take the picture back far enough so I had to paste the two together- the building is MUCH larger than it looks!

This looks like something from Star Trek! In Mercedes you start at the top of the building and work your way down...

It's only appropriate to be greeted by a horse when you get off the elevator. Afterall this was how man moved around the world for centuries before cars. I know, hard to believe!

After the horse you were transported into the invention of the modern engine and automobile. As I don't know all the facts (my dad and brother were spouting off statistics and names constanty) about cars I spent my afternoon inspired by cool shapes, textures and my love for details...

This was from a bus used in the mid 50-60's in Argentina... who would have known!

I love the faces! Had this car been a person her name would have been Roberta- round and happy!

Do you remember the Vanderbilt family? Here is Mr. Vanderbilt's Mercedes, this just so happens to be the oldest Mercedes in existence! Yep, from an American family.

I told you this building was incredible! I know it's won a few international awards too!

Of course, here's Andrew (my brother) who is all smiles after spending the day with these priceless gems! The next day we headed to my favorite... Porche!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

European inspiration

Before our season at A Day in May kicked into high gear at the end of May (I know, it's been two full months) my parents, brother and I embarked on our very own version of "National Lampoons: European Holiday."

We didn't get kidnapped or create any minor disasters however we took in the sites, sounds and culture the way only the Fritz Family could! With incredible airfare, under $400 from Traverse City... we are the 3rd most expensive airport to fly in and out of in the country, we flew across the pond to Stuttgart, Germany where our journey began.

Where is Stuttgart you may ask and why go there? Stuttgart prides itself in being the creative power of Germany. Located near the Black Forest and north of Switzerland it's home to two of my favorite things- Porsche and Mercedes :) But... when we arrived at 9:30am Germany time we didn't head into the city, we headed to the sleepy medieval town of Tübingen about 30 minutes outside the city.

This university town has been in the record books since the 12th century and survived WWII through it's lack of industry and catering to the more popular rise of tourism.

I'm no Jen Kroll or Bob Davis but here are some shots I took while walking around with the family (DISCLAIMER- my photo editing skills are not as sharp either but we're getting there!):

So cool huh! This was an old town government building that is now the local library.

I love these half-timbered houses. Walking along the cobblestone streets and gazing upward provided an interesting look at their architecture and color.

This was the only "cool" spot with a dampness that chilled you to the bone- it was welcome as we crossed the town... very hot that day! This would be an even cooler shot had I taken the picture before we started walking down.

This trip I wasn't taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures. I wanted to "play" with my photography not document every site we saw. I love this tile look from a gate over a window up the hill to the castle. Don't be surprised if you see this again :)

Schloß Hohentübingen or better known in english as Castle High Tübingen, was built in the 11th century but in the 12th and 13th century wooden walls shown here were incorporated. The castle is now home to the Univerty of Tübingen's ancient studies and overlooks the Nekar Region.

With the stifling heat and the onset of crankiness setting in from no sleep we headed back to Stuttgart. Oh I forgot to mention one minor detail... Andrew drove us on the Autobahn... in a pimped out Mercedes we rented... nice graduation present huh! Only problem was that it started to rain and heavy traffic around the city prevented him from really "driving" on the Autobahn. Next time...

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