Monday, November 23, 2009

Face with a Name

Since launching A Day in May, Event Planning & Design in 2007 I have never had a picture of myself on our website. In our industry we are always behind the scenes and never a part of the pictures or the full experience thus I never thought it was really "me" to have a picture on the site. I didn't want clients to judge what I looked like and who they thought I was as a person- just like judging a book by it's cover (which I do all the time). And I wanted my work to speak for itself.

BUT, this past August I got an email from my now friend Cory Weber, with Cory Weber Photography that cracked me up! I was in Colorado for a client's wedding and he apparently "thought" he saw me at the airport when I was leaving Traverse City- at this time we hadn't met yet. He proceeded to tell me how he had to look (more like scour) my blog for a picture of me to make sure it really was me that he saw, all the while trying to not sound stalker-ish (no worries Cory, I never thought that... well maybe for a second!).

I realized that being behind the scenes was important to a degree but building a company and a niche for myself in the local and Michigan market meant I needed to be present and accessible. Also, recognizable. So, my dearest friend and our very own Wedding photographer, Jen Kroll, agreed to take some pictures for me one fall evening. As usual we had a blast and enjoyed "I'm too Sexy" jokes while she captured my inner spirit.

It was through Jen's work that I saw myself for the first time. There is a rawness to seeing yourself. I mean, really seeing yourself for the first time. Even though I've crossed all these milestones in my life I still "saw" myself as this insecure girl with big dreams. But thanks to Jen I see a strong woman who loves life, family, friends, God's creation. I see my mother's daughter and my father's daughter. I see my husband's wife and my brother's sister. I see a friend. I see me.

Here are a few photos taken from Jen's Blog and our fun evening...

Yes, this is Murphy. As Jen called him, "our fury baby" and he loved that I dragged a chair into his domain- the field behind our house!

Thanks Jen for capturing me. You are such a talent (we'll chat more about her amazing work later) and I'm honored to have you in my life- to make me smile and to take dashboard photos for Kyle!


Aletha | Pearls Events November 23, 2009 at 9:32 PM  

It always felt silly putting my face on my website, but it's absolutely helped people identify me with my company. Love seeing your face on here!

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