Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flash back...

About three weeks ago I moved all my personal pictures off my laptop and onto our desktop. My "mobile office" was starting to slow down a little and I was sure the gobs of photos had something to do with that. When I was choosing which photos to keep on the laptop and which ones to move over, I found myself spending a few hours reminiscing. I loved looking at all the smiling faces and memorable moments but, this photo was the one that stole my heart... Here is our little Murphy only 7 weeks old during his first week in his new home.

I took this picture mid morning when the sun was coming through our bathroom windows, bouncing off our linen closet door and reflecting the most brilliant light on our new bundle of love. He was peacefully sleeping on the tile. As Jodi said the other day, "I'm no Jen Kroll," I second that! (But I do love playing around and this was my fun time!)

Murphy makes me laugh every day. He knows when I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed- he brings me his stuffed piggy or stuffed mini-Murph as a gift. Dogs are truly (wo)mans best friend. Kyle and I can't get enough of him and find ourselves bringing him everywhere we go. Good thing my parents love Murph too!

He hasn't lost that adorable face! (Way to go Bennington Hills!) Here is our 73 lb. bundle of love now. We're so thankful he chose us as his parents!


Jen Kroll December 11, 2009 at 3:29 PM  

Oh my... Murphy is a little ball of fluffy heaven!! The boys can't wait to see him on New Year's Eve!!

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