Sunday, January 18, 2009

Call me old fashioned!

Do you ever reminisce about the good ole' days? The days before iPhones, laptops, and the internet? Whoa, whoa, how many of you did I loose there?! I'm not suggesting that we turn back the technological clock and enter the world of morse code, I'm simply asking you to take a trip down memory lane.

To this day one of my favorite daily activities is getting the mail. Most of it's junk with credit card offers, coupon booklets or tempting catalogs that JCrew and Anthropolgie spies send knowing how much I want to buy everything in them but must restrain myself for fear Kyle would bury me in the backyard with the down spouts! But every once in a while their lies a blast from the past. The lovely script address on cotton pressed stock with colorful stamps. Nothing brings me more unexpected joy than a card or handwritten note on beautiful paper.

You will soon come to know that I have a huge obsession with stationary. But it's not just the paper, I love the guache calligraphers use to produce the beautiful addresses and the stamps, oh the stamps... I swear that my Dad wouldn't mind if I sacrificed his collection for beautiful letters!

Speaking of stamps and letters, Ardour Bookbinding in Chicago produces these lovely gems...

The Bureau de Poste set includes six different note cards and envelopes handmade from enlargements of vintage post complete with first class postage. What a great hostess gift or set to take with you on your honeymoon or vacation to say hello to the folks back home! Or if you'd like to pick and choose envelopes that correspond to your wedding invitation you can select one of these beauties! This is style No 24189- I love the detail and color. They even sell these beautiful Letterprecious Lables for you to use on your own stationary.

The next time you open your mailbox and reach in my wish for you is that, amongst the bills, magazines and Publishers Clearinghouse winnings, you find a handwritten note sealed with love!

Photos from Ardour Bookbinding


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