Monday, January 5, 2009

The Water

It's impossible to pinpoint why I love Northern Michigan so much. Growing up I could not wait to spread my wings far away from Traverse City. I had big dreams of living in a city where each day would be filled with adventure and excitement not living down the road from my old elementary school. But looking back I remember the moment I knew my heart would forever belong to this northern city.

Driving home from Ann Arbor was quite a hull, almost 4 hours due north on 23N, 96W, 127N, 10N, 115N, 131N, 113W, Clark Road, Garfield Road, 3 Mile Road... 3 Mile. 3 Mile crests the hills just outside of Traverse City. As I came down the hill on my first visit back home since school had begun it hit me. That was the moment, the moment I knew I'd always be home here. All because of this beautiful wonder. Lake Michigan.

The turquoise color had cast a spell over me. This place that I was trying so desperately to leave, never really left. Once graduation past I naturally headed north. Soon after, Kyle joined. Since then we've never looked back, well... maybe once. That's a whole other story we'll chat about later!

Ever since I was baby I'd been in water. The bath, beach or the pool; it didn't matter. I would stay in the water for hours playing and splashing around, my nickname was Lish the Fish. That was exactly how I felt when I saw that blue water again. No longer was I a fish out of water, I could breathe again, I was home.

It's clear why Traverse City has become such a premier wedding and events destination. With beautiful waterfront locations, great revitalized downtown area and world renowned cuisine and wine making, Traverse City is a great retreat and close getaway for Detroiter's and Chicagoan's alike.

This week I'll take you on two of my favorite day trips from Traverse City focused around the lakes and shores of Northern Michigan. Each of these locations would be a perfect place for fabulous photos, remote picnic for two or a fun filled pre-celebratory day spent with friends and family on the water. Stay tuned!


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