Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life's a bowl of cherries!

There are some things you cannot afford to miss when you head north. One of those is a visit to Cherry Republic, the land of Life, Liberty, Beaches and Pie! The Great Hall of the Republic in Glen Arbor, their world headquarters, includes sampling their 170 some products including chocolate covered cherries, cherry BBQ sauce, cherry trail mix, cherry almond butter, and of course the famous Boomchuka cookie.

Northern Michigan grows over 70% of the worlds tart cherries. And all those beautiful blossoms you see in May turn into the luscious red jewels of juice and flavor we northerners eat by the cup full! Cherry Republic has been transforming these wonderful cherries into gourmet foods for years and guess what- they offer custom packaging for weddings and events!

To satisfy your cherry cravings be sure and visit Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor or their Traverse City location located downtown Front Street!

Photo from Cherry


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