Monday, January 26, 2009

Precious Love

When I get a chance to watch daytime TV I try to tune in around 4pm just in time to watch Ellen. She is absolutely hilarious and I think I laugh out loud at least for half of her show each time I watch! Today is Ellen's birthday and she had a phenomenal musical guest on, James Morrison. I had never heard of him until just a few moments ago (shows how out of the musical loop I am) but I was blown away. I love the happiness and joy he performs with, and vocally he is truly gifted! Therefore I decided that all of you need to know about him too!

Be sure to check out his wesbite and click on "Audio." The song Precious Love is my new favorite and a must for iTunes download. What a great beat and the most precious lyrics to share for your first dance or one of many dances in the kitchen with the ones you love. Love is precious and enjoy James Morrison.


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